Dr. Cornel West, Najee Ali and Tavis Smiley

Ronald Todd Eskew, also known as Najee Ali, was

arrested for RAPE not once BUT THREE TIMES.


And even though he’s been arrested for rape three times, that did not stop Najee Ali from criticizing and protesting other men for their sexual assault and harassment accusations including R. Kelly, Tavis Smiley, and then Compton School Board Member Skyy Fisher.


More recently Najee Ali has been accused of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.


Text messages from Najee Ali’s wife Felicia…


Read more text messages under DOMESTIC VIOLENCE WATCH below.





Unauthorized photo of woman Najee Ali admitted to having a four-year extramarital affair with that he threatened to use against her. The woman is asleep and didn’t know he’d taken the photo.

The Text Messages




In April of 2023, a judge granted a woman a restraining order against Najee Ali after she ended their four-year affair and he began harassing, threatening, and bullying her and her boyfriend.

In June of 2018, Felicia Ali Banks filed a Notice of Separation and the case was dismissed by default because she didn’t follow through on September 26, 2019. The case no. is 18LBFL00814 out of the Long Beach courthouse.

This happened coincidentally right after Najee Ali was ousted from the National Action Network for abusing his wife.

Below is a list of some of the RESTRAINING ORDERS filed against Najee Ali for WORKPLACE HARASSMENTDOMESTIC VIOLENCE, and other offenses.

May 4, 2023

A judge issued a one-year restraining order against Najee Ali.


Masjid Bilal Islamic Center

Congresswoman Maxine Waters

In 2006, Congresswoman Maxine accused Najee Ali of stalking her and she got the court to issue a temporary restraining order against him.

In the court filing, the congresswoman said Ali has “confronted me on several occasions.” She said she believes he is attempting to “set me up” and accused the activist of having a “long history and reputation for confrontation.”

The restraining order also stated that Ali “threatened ‘to get me some day.’ ”

Ali is “attempting to create a situation that will appear to be harassment in order to sue me,” the order said. “He will stalk me. I’m very public.” Source L.A. Times

Other Community Members

Ronald Todd Eskew 120662
BA 051606  PC 211

Laura Hendrix v. 
Todd Eskew / Najee Ali

BS 075237
Civil Harassment / Workplace Harassment
042602 – TRO granted

Laura B. Hendrix v. 
Todd Eskew / Nijee Ali

TRO/Domestic Violence
042699 – TRO granted

Nanetta Okonkwo v.
Najee Ali / Ronald Eskew

BS 028588 filed 051394

Yvonne Rose Holman v.
Ronald Todd Eskew

D250481 filed 083189

Yvonne Rose Holman v.
Ronald Todd Eskew

D210093 filed 021988

Yvonne Rose Holman v.
Ronald Todd Eskew

D218439 filed 061388

In Matter Ronald Todd Esken
Name Change dismissed 011504


In Matter Ronald Todd Esken
Name Change dismissed 021402


Taylor Derick v.
Todd Eskew, Bothell Second Inc., 32nd Street Market

C635661  / 020687

Matter George v.
Todd Eskew, Home Club

NCC 039115BB – 031689

Lim Tae Woong v. Ronald Eskew, Ronald Comstock,
Thrifty Corp.

C 701910

Karen Lewis v.
Ronald Todd Eskew, Baker Protective Service, Osco /
Sav-On Drug, Wells Fargo Second. Guard Serv.


Does Najee Ali represent Black people?

No. The media uses him 1) because he’s mastered making himself available immediately when news breaks and 2) a lot of reporters are lazy and haven’t developed the type of relationships in Los Angeles that allow them to know more than one Black person in South Los Angeles.


Why does the media mayor, police, and people like Karen Bass give Najee Ali a pass?

Great question.  We just don’t know. The lives of Black women just don’t matter 🤷🏾‍♀️ 


Why don’t you go to Najee Ali’s house and protest?

Najee Ali doesn’t really have a house.  He’s currently occupying space at his current woman’s home in San Pedro. That is his MO, he stays at a woman’s home and takes over their home until they are fed up and they find the courage to kick him out.


Is Najee Ali a police informat?

We don’t know.  You tell us.


Ali, born Ronald Todd Eskew, spent two years in prison for armed robbery before coming to prominence in 1998 when he led public protests over the case of Sherrice Iverson, a 7-year-old girl from South Central Los Angeles who was sexually attacked and strangled in a Nevada casino bathroom. He became an activist who transcended convention, protesting pornography in a Snoop Dogg video, urging blacks to work with police and speaking out on behalf of crime victims of every race. — Los Angeles Times

Was Najee Ali a leader during the 1992 Civil Unrest like what was reported in the media?

No. He was actually committing armed robberies.  Check the arrest report.

How many members does Najee Ali’s Project Islamic H.O.P.E. organization have?

One that we know of. Him.


LA Times


Lisa Simpson Speaks on How Najee Ali Took Advantage of Her
During Her Grief Over the July 26, 2016, Killing of Her Son Richard Risher. 

Lisa Simpson, whose son Richard was killed by Los Angeles police in 2016, speaks Tuesday, April 13, 2021, in South L.A.(Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times)

The husband of Redel Jones, Marcus Vaugn, speaks on the July 12, 2016 altercation
he had with Najee Ali at the Los Angeles Police Commission meeting. His wife was killed in 2015 by the LAPD.

April 12, 2021, Najee Ali Holds Press Conference at Home of
BLM Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors Further Endangering Her and Her Family’s Lives.

November 20, 2020, Najee Ali Goes to the Home of
Community Activist Damien Goodmon to Start Trouble.

With Assistance from the LAPD, Najee Ali Insults
the Widower of Redel Jones By Claiming He’s to Blame for LAPD Killing Her

Najee Ali Calls BLM Pasadena Member Jasmine Abdullah a Felon.
Najee Ali Has Been Convicted of Multiple Felonies including
Trying to Bribe A Witness, Armed Robbery and Felony Hit-And-Run.
He Then Goes on to Insult the Widower of Redel Jones Who Was Killed by the LAPD
Before Telling Muslim American Hamid Khan That He Hopes He Doesn’t Blow Anything Up.
Najee Ali Claims to be A Muslim and Runs an Organization Called Project Islamic Hope.

Najee Ali Video Highlights Compilation

How Najee Ali Acts With Men vs. Women



Did Najee Ali hurt you?  Did he take advantage of you and your family during your grief?  Did he make promises that he did not keep on behalf of the Mayor?  Let us know! You don’t have to be afraid, there’s a network of people working to help expose Najee Ali and we will not allow him to harm people who come forward with the truth about him–even if he threatens too!