Two Days After Restraining Order Issued Against Najee Ali, L.A.News Media Continues to Use Him For Stories

On Thu., Mar 3, a woman was granted a one-year restraining order against community activist Najee Ali in part for the unwanted choking of her during sex, and just two days later, Los Angeles news media highlighted him as a civil rights leader speaking out against the CHOKEHOLD death of a man in New York City.

In court documents, Ali’s victim told the court that, “Mr. Ali baseline nature is hostility and aggression. He is too easily provoked. He can be calm and then becomes enraged in seconds. During our first sexual encounter, he choked me so hard, I could not breathe.”

JUDGE: She said that during, sometimes, when you had sexual relations, and at least on one occasion, you choked her.

NAJEE ALI: Judge, she said that the very first time. Now, we’re all adults. If someone had a problem with something you did sexually the very first time. It’s common sense — you know what? That’s too rough. Don’t do that again, or whatever. That was the first time and she didn’t say anything about it. We were intimate — .

The Commissioner interrupted Ali.

JUDGE: Did you put your hands around her neck during your sexual encounters?

NAJEE ALI: Ah, yes, I did. I’m not going to sit up here and lie, but it was something that she enjoyed.