Governor Newsom Poised to Give Najee Ali Pardon of Four Felonies

Even though Najee Ali just had a restraining order issued against him for the unwanted choking, harassment, and intimidation of a woman, it looks like Governor Gavin Newsom is poised to pardon Najee for his FOUR felony convictions.

According to a letter dated March 16, 2022, from Brian Kelley, Chief Deputy Administrator from the Offender Investigations and Screening Division of the Board of Parole Hearings, Najee Ali’s pardon recommendation has been forwarded to the Governor’s Office for further review.

Makes sense.  Najee did brag to the judge during the restraining order hearing on May 4 that he was getting a pardon from the Governor–but Najee said he only had two felony convictions.  It looks like that was a lie too.  He has four.

We wonder if Governor Newsom will ignore the restraining order against Najee Ali and pardon him anyway.